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Custom Fintech Solutions

Whatever your needs, we can develop tailor-made stuff thanks to our experience in the financial arena. With more than 30 years of Fintech project management, we are the ideal partners of lenders, insurance and any other realities active in the economic/financial sector.


We offer innovative solutions since 1984.

We have moved from mainframes to personal computers, the development of the network to the spread of mobile devices by offering cutting-edge solutions to make our customers' work easier and safer.

Abaco's team is the most important asset: they are always just people to make a difference.

Reliability, determination and continuous research are our qualities that customers appreciate; why banks, industries and public administration will rely on us for over 30 years.

Acquisition and distribution of the Cash


  • A Feed Handler for the collection and distribution of financial information flows
  • It's a valuable tool for the Data of Feeding Position Keeping, Market Abuse procedures and MiFID and Legacy systems that require real-time or historical data
  • It transmits information relating to market orders, executed market, prices, books , closing prices, intraday charts...

The accurate and timely information is the key to success

Automatic balancing of complex Financial Data

AMH - Automatic Mismatch Hunter

  • Check the consistency of information
  • Shares information between highly specialized areas of operation using different products
  • Avoids writing ad hoc applications to make reconciliation
  • Allow the customer maximum independence and scalability

Flexible, manageable from any location. It adapts to any format of input and output

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


  • It allows business processes to continue its activities to an acceptable and predefined level of operability and service after accidents and disasters

Always ready for any eventuality

Financial Mobile Informational


  • Multifunctional platform for the delivery of Financial Disclosure on Smartphone and Tablet
  • It keeps users informed on trends in the financial markets
  • It offers a uniform company IT front-end regardless of the paid content and the features enabled on the single device

A platform suitable for all types of smartphones and tablets: iOS, Android and BlackBerry.