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A new offering
for the Market Data World

A Team of Experts available On Demand or on a project basis to Analyse the use of Market Data, Optimize its spending, Reduce the risks related to possible incorrect / unauthorized use of data

Support Clients during the migration processes from a provider to another or from a data distribution platform to another or integrating a new Provider in the existing data structure

Structure and Train Client Market Data Teams and Support them On Site or Remotely for their daily activities

Market Data Usage Optimizer


  • A modular solution aimed to address the need of Financial Institutions to manage Market Data (Real Time / Infra Day / End Of Day), Reference Data and CorAx following an intelligent and optimized approach
  • The solution is compliant to Data Vendor policies, but is able to reduce at minimum the Market Data Yearly cost for each client
  • There are different modules developed in order to address different client needs: Analysis of Data Usage by Users and Applications, Compliance Analysis of invoices received from Providers, Intelligent Capture, Caching and Distribution of Data, Entitlement and Compliance Reporting
  • The modules can be combined together in order to accommodate what each client would like to obtain from the solution
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Bloomberg Data License Analyzer


  • Let our Clients know clearly what are the applications that consume BBG DL Data, which kind of data request they are managing, how much and to what % of the service fee they are absorbing in such a way to suggest the most proper mode of allocation of the related cost and to optimize data spending
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Market Data Consultancy

  • Assessment
    On Market Data usage in order to identify potential areas of risks and optimization both for Real Time than for EoD / Reference Data, for the whole company than for single areas / departments
  • Implementation Support
    Project Management Activities for Data Feed Swaps both Real Time than EOD / Reference Data or EDM implementation
  • Market Data Team Support
    Identification of the MD optimal structure for each client; management of the activities of the Team set-up and training of the personnel working in it; availability of On-Site and Remote Support activities (HotLine and Mail) for the management of the most complex problems
  • Benchmarking
    New Benchmarking tools to support MD managers verifying their MD spending, the KS/Feeds distribution within the company and the different departments compared to the their Market Segment Average
  • Admin Outsourcing
    Full outsourcing of administrative and management processes concerning the Market Data Area by using Proprietary Tools or third-party SW

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